Studio Day #2

I haven’t had a proper day in the studio for a few weeks now. Ewan no longer goes to Ellen’s, but it will be a few months before he starts pre-school as well. This week he is going to an art camp every morning, so I have an extra 3 hours to experiment and bead that I wouldn’t otherwise have had.

I have been taking time to try out a few new (to me) beadwork stitches – Hubble Stitch, Albion Stitch and Kumihimo with beads, but with varying rates of success. I love working with Hubble, which was originally developed by Melanie DeMiguel, I can see me using this one a lot as it has a lovely open texture and works up quickly:

New Tricks #1

The second one is Albion Stitch developed by Heather Kingsley-Heath, I don’t have a photo of the piece I have been working on yet, but again I want to play with this one some more, tension is important, or the the thread can show more than I want it to.

The third technique is Kumihimo, but I’m not doing so well with the tension on this one, the beads want to lie on their sides instead of flat and I just decided to quit before I chuck it across the room! I was like this with odd count peyote too, lots of frustrating attempts and samples before it finally clicked for me, I just need to stick with it.

New Tricks #2

If all else fails then this:

2 thoughts on “Studio Day #2”

  1. I enjoyed reading this. I let the girls see it at the Ladies Fellowship this afternoon. The colours are ones that I am particularly fond of.

  2. I love those deep blues too. I was using up a partial tube of beads trying out this stitch, but I want to make a few pieces using this stitch and similar colours, I just need to find time.

    I’m working on some repairs for work and a complete reweaving of a 1920’s style tassel necklace for a customer at Ayla’s just now, once that is finished – I just need to make a beaded bead for the tassel, then I can try making a few pieces of my own.

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