I recently started working at Ayla’s Originals again, in Evanston Illinois. I worked there before my son Ewan was born. Part of my job is to redesign, or repair customer’s jewellery when it comes into the store.

This piece was one of those, when it came in it had been tied in a knot at some point in its life in order to shorten it and the sharp edges of the vintage 3-cut beads had sliced through the original thread in several places. So the decision was made to remake the necklace from scratch and to replace the knotted bundle of beads with a beaded bead. The bottom two photos show the necklace as it came in to the store and the middle photo and the mugshot of me show the finished piece after I had completed the restoration. I hope my customer likes it and enjoys wearing it!

IMG_20160630_174604-01IMG_20160630_102450IMG_20160626_101138 IMG_20160626_101122

2 thoughts on “Changes…”

  1. It made me cringe to see the necklace before it was restored. It looks great now that you have completed the work.

  2. I know, the thread was disintegrating before I restored the necklace. It is now being loved and enjoyed by its owner again.

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